Villas in Greece

rest. recharge. reconnect.

Who We Are

Villas in Greece rest. recharge. reconnect is a boutique villa rental agency that grew out of years of experience in the real estate and hospitality business as well as our own, our clients’ and friends’ personal experiences with holidays in villas in Greece.

It offers a variety of privately owned homes in Mykonos and other select destinations in Greece. Our villas, each with its own personality and style, are unique, reflecting the owner’s dream and perception of a holiday home.

Mykonos being the island that presents some of the most exceptional villas in Greece and the largest variety, has been our main focus along with few more new, pristine island destinations that are definitely worth exploring and will leave you and your significant others breathless.

Having an extended exposure in the area of hospitality, we are able to match a villa environment that will cover your needs and complement the experience with services, exclusively designed for your vacation.

We “cherry pick” only the homes that appeal to our own personal taste and quality standards and have a character, to provide you with a great villa experience! Whether it is the location, the architecture, the views, the design, we bring to your attention some of the most exceptional villas located in some of Greece’s hotspots.