Villas in Greece

rest. recharge. reconnect.

The Team

Our team shares a rich multicultural background and great love for our country, Greece. Having lived abroad for years, gaining experience from diverse industries, from hospitality to fashion, education and communication, we are proud to bring all this knowledge, energy and networking to our customers on both ends.

It is crucial to us to fully understand your needs in order to assist with your choice and activities that will make your holiday go beyond just a villa experience but to help you rest, recharge and reconnect in the best possible way.

Melina Throuvala is a Psychologist and Communications Specialist with 24 years of experience in the area of marketing communications, advertising, corporate public relations, market research and event management. Melina has worked in large multinational companies (A.C. Nielsen, Bates Hellas, Unilever, The Libra Group) implementing communication and marketing programs in various business segments. She got involved with Sotheby’s Real Estate and worked for a prestigious boutique hotels chain, obtaining experience in the hospitality business. She joined Real Estate Investments in 2008 and parallel to the real estate projects, she extended her activity by creating an experience enhancing company, Villas in Greece. She shares a passion for Greek heritage, culture and environment, Greek architecture and design.

Irini Koutsoubeli, is an interior designer, has long experience in the home deco, real estate and apparel business. She founded Real Estate Investments 20 years ago and has an ever-lasting passion for architecture and sales!

Julie Chirdaris was born in  Colombia, and was raised  in Athens and Miami. She has added great international experience to our team. Julie started her career in the textiles manufacturing business in Medellin, Colombia and also managed a family owned hotel enterprise in the United States. She has founded and managed two other companies in the US, one in fashion apparel and one in real estate.  Julie adds great value to our team due to her wide range in travel and international public relations. She is a lover of people, life and exotic places. Having lived in different parts of the world and knowing the different cultures makes it all more friendly and welcoming to our clients. Julie is a graduate of Deree College in Athens with a BSc in Marketing and a MSc graduate in Textiles and Science from Philadelphia University of Textiles and Science. She and her family are currently living in Austin, Texas.

Anna-Maria Barouh is a celebrity Chef and for the last 20 years, she has been creating spreads for food magazines, books and home decoration magazines, specializing in her favorite topics of Art de la Table and any combination of decorations and food. Her passion is endless and the results are ideas on many different themes, ranging from the classical and formal christenings, children parties and weddings to more informal and creative pasta evenings, pizza nights or romantic dinners for two. There is however one common characteristic across all Anna-Maria’s suggestions they bring out her personal philosophy about cooking and hosting and for the last 6 years she has a segment on TV on how to entertain at home.