Concierge Services

Enrich your vacation with much more

Services for Ultimate Unwind

@ villas in Greece, almost all is possible from pre-planned to last minute

for our Guests we offer:

Villa selection process

Tailor made planning

Warm welcome & smooth check in

Constant but discreet follow up 

a wealth of services to complement their holiday experience

From a private yachting day, to a bird’s eye view of the area from the sky, effortless driving with a chauffeur, to a massage therapy, a private tour of the island or a main exhibition, onto just fresh home-grown eggs delivered for a delicious morning omelette…


we make it happen!


for our Partners/Home Owners we:

advise on how to make their home more marketable

inform them about the latest trends 

aid the conversion process into an international product without loosing its local beauty

provide network of professionals to do the make over

promote the villa to an international market

complement it with services and wish lists

render them profit and peace of mind


Professional Photography
Communication with potential clients
Publish to online platforms


Check in – Check out
Cleaning services
Villa maintenance


Decoration – Furnishings