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Beachfront Beauty II Villa - Mykonos

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Starting from 1,400 € euros/week - Island Chic
165 m²3 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms Print

Walking to the beach. Cute little villas 2 and 3 bedroom respectively, 100m2 from the sea, one on top of the other, that combine simplicity, modern comforts and a carefree spirit promoting true relaxation, like “living at your own island house by the sea”. The villas feature 2 bedrooms each and can be rented together or separately.

Reflecting the owners’ vision:
“It was the mystique energy of that place on earth- synonymous with Greek summer – that kept us there, since that first summer. We’ve lived every “phase” of that unique island…from the days where you could visit most of the sandy beaches only by hired small fishing boats and the umbrellas were just your sarong on a bamboo stick….till now where you can have your favorite exquisite cocktail at your sunbed, listening to the proper sounds of the best DJ’s of the world…

When we first bought our residence, we thought how great would it be if we could combine the simplicity and the carefree spirit of those old, endless summer times with the true luxury of relaxation, feeling at home and having all the best that happens in Mykonos, within the reach of your hand.

So, this year we decided to rebuild them with the philosophy of true vacation like living at your own island house by the sea…where you can have your breakfast anytime you want, at your private balcony just above the sandy beach, or even get your coffee and walk barefoot till there, without having to make a reservation for a sunbed three days before…after all, the party people are waiting at the beach bars 20 mins away.. The choices are countless and they re all yours.

Our vision, is our guests to feel at home…to feel a part of the island…We used only natural materials of the traditional Mykonian architecture and minimalistic aesthetic so that our guests , our friends, will get that feeling and will be totally independent to anything they would like to do…”