Villas in Greece

rest. recharge. reconnect.

About Us

Villas in Greece, rest. recharge. reconnect

‘to love beauty is to see light’   Victor Hugo

We love Greece and the beauties it can share! there is so much to gain out of a vacation in Greece. You can rest, recharge and reconnect, nourish your body and spirit. We welcome everyone to this unique experience! Villas in Greece grew out of years of arduous work in multinationals, the communications, real estate and hospitality business to serve this purpose: offer a slice of Greek holiday life.


Our villas, each with its own personality and style, are unique, reflecting the owners’ dream and perception of a holiday home. We are proud Greeks with a multicultural background and having lived extensively abroad, we are able to understand our clients’ wishes and standards and match a villa environment that will fulfill and exceed their expectations. We complement the experience with services and avante-garde programs, exclusively designed.


We own a small portfolio that is growing carefully, in a constant search for the best villas and new destinations in our precious country- cosmopolitan or pristine – and offer them to you, providing you with local knowledge, advice and our care for a great vacation that will become an experience to cherish.